Prints at $1.00, Card with envelope $1.35, and box of 20 cards $25
Displayed is some of the talent of inmates with their drawings. To help support the ministry (and inmates needs), we sell prints and cards for mailing. Moving On Ministry
PO Box 6667
Visalia, CA 92290-6667
Inmate Art 11 George G
George G 1
Inmate Art 12 George G
George G 2
Inmate Art 21 Arturo B
Arturo B 1
Inmate Art 22 Arturo B
Arturo B 2
Inmate Art 23 Arturo B
Arturo B 3
Inmate Art 24 Arturo B
Arturo B 4
Inmate Art 25 Arturo B
Arturo B 5
Inmate Art 26 Arturo B
Arturo B 6
Inmate Art 31 George A
George A 1
Inmate Art 32 George A
George A 2
Inmate Art 33 George A
George A 3
Inmate Art 34 George A
George A 4
Inmate Art 35 George A
George A 5
Inmate Art 41 Eddie S
Eddie S 1
Inmate Art 42 Edie S
Eddie S 2
Inmate Art 43 Eddie S
Eddie S 3
Inmate Art 44 Cranford T
Cranford T 1
Inmate Art 46 Kenny B
Kenny B 1
Inmate Art 62 Unknown
Unknown 2
Inmate Art 64 Unknown
Unknown 4
Inmate Art 65 Unknown
Unknown 5
Inmate Art 66 Unknown
Unknown 6

You may NOT download or print these Inmate drawings for comercial use or sales from our web site. Please contact us for drawings and cards (single or sets) for sale.

If you would like us to mail these drawings to you, a friend, or an inmate, Send us an address ( plus price and shipping/handling donation) ; Email us, or call Moving On Ministry, 559-308-1110, to order.

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